Aleksha McLoughlin is a transgender musician and current journalism student at Falmouth University in the 3rd year of a BA Honours degree.

She began studying journalism at the age of 16 when she majored in Level 3 Journalism after two years of study, before achieving a Diploma of Higher Education in the subject in the summer of 2019.

She is perhaps best known for her works outside of the industry as a part of metal bands such as Plagis, Morphine DSBM and Ghosts In Gold. These records are published on the self-titled label, where the website shares its name.

For contact inquiries please use the social media links in available in the sidebar, or get in touch directly with alekshamcloughlin@pitofplagues.com

For album submissions for review: albumsubmissions@pitofplagues.com

Aleksha McLoughlin (Plagues) pictured in 2020.